Healing stories from past clients

Below are a few of the healing stories from my past clients.
You'll see how amazing bodies are in healing with the help of Reiki.

You need to know that each body heals differently so there's no guarantee in healing. Nobody can promise you that. I do my best but it's your body that does the healing. On average, 8 out of 10 clients have seen a significant improvement after a treatment.

(Please note that names have been changed due to confidentiality.) 

Painful knee injury

Client: Alison

Alison was having extreme knee pain after having injured meniscus. Some days she couldn't walk because of the pain. I performed a total of 7 remote energy healing sessions, over 10 weeks. She reported an improvement after each session. After 7 sessions she was pain free.

Itchy eczema gone

Client: Maggie

Maggie has had eczema for years and it's been getting worse, to the point that she was bleeding from wounds. Itching almost never stopped. After each of the 3 in-person sessions she reported that eczema had almost completely disappeared (even though she couldn't feel any sensations during the sessions). We continue with sessions whenever it starts reappearing (once every few months). 

Lung cancer heals

Client: Isabel

Isabel was waiting for a surgery to remove parts of her lungs due to cancer. I performed one energy and visualization healing session. Five days later at her regular checkup the doctors confirmed that 80% of cancer was gone and they cancelled the surgery. 

Twisted ankle

Client: Michael

Michael has had chronic knee pain that showed up in specific exercises. The pain would completely dissapear after each short session. We've repeated the healing twice when the pain came back. Each time the treatment was successful. 

Chronic knee pain

Client: Benjamin

Benjamin has had chronic knee pain for years and it had started to prevent him from going for walks. We started doing remote healing and after the first session his pain went from 9 (on a scale from 1 to 10) to 3 and was able to move again freely. We continue doing sessions every week, so his pain level is very low or none at all.

Thumb arthritis

Client: Susannah

Susannah was diagnosed with thumb arthritis and was told that the pain would only get worse. While waiting for an operation, we did two remote sessions to reduce the pain and in the end it was completely gone.

Lower back pain

Client: Susannah

Susannah was diagnosed with a condition in spine where vertebras slide and the spain narrows. While waiting for an operation she was in a great deal of pain, especially after short walks. After each session the pain level goes down from 8 to 1 and she can go for walks again. We have regular bi-monthly sessions.

Emotional turmoil

Client: Alexandra

Alexandra was going through big life changes that were emotionally and physically exhausting. As soon as we started our first in-person session she started crying and releasing emotional blocks. After the session she felt light and invigorated. We also met for a few remote sessions as she continued her journey through life changes.

Throat polyp

Client: Ella

Ella was diagnosed with a throat polyp and was told she needed an operation. After one healing session, she soon had to go back to the doctor for a pre-operation checkup. The doctor could not find any trace of a polyp anymore and the operation was cancelled.

Foot warts

Client: Ella

Ella has had foot warts for over a year but didn't want to go through a surgery to remove them. Two days after the healing session, she noticed that all her warts were completely gone, as if nothing was ever there.


Client: Ella

Ella had developed mastitis (a clogged breast, common when breastfeeding), which entirely disappeared after a short energy healing session.

Shoulder & neck pain

Client: Kristin

Kristin was experiencing shoulder and neck pain from some of the manual work she's been doing around the house. After one session the pain was almost completely gone.

Painful lumbago

Client: Kristin

Kristin woke up one day with terrible lower back pain and couldn't even get dressed anymore. While waiting for a medical check-up, I performed a remote healing session, after which she almost couldn't feel any pain anymore.